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How NUCCA helped Motocross rider

The Balanced Atlas helps motocross rider return to his passion at age 51. Not longer a skeptic about NUCCA.
-Dave Nicholas

Asthma, Allergies and Acid Reflux and Too Many Medications
My daughter, Haley, fell on her school playground back in 2010 and had neck and back pain ever since. Soon afterward her overall health took a turn for the worse and she was diagnosed with asthma, allergies, acid reflux, Raynaud’s Syndrome and other things. We had seen numerous specialists at Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughter’s and a local Chiropractor. Soon Haley was taking over 10 medications a day. This went on for over 2 years and then the neck and back returned on top of everything else. The doctors prescribed more medicine but it was no longer helping.

I began bringing Haley to see Dr. Harrison in May of 2013. It was the best decision that I could have ever made. In a little over two months of seeing him, I can now say that my daughter is off all of her medications and pain-free! Dr. Harrison talks to Haley and ensures at all times that she is aware of what he is doing and that she understands all the procedures and tests he is doing. She has never felt more comfortable at a doctor’s office. He has made her want to come to her appointments. Haley has seen so many doctors over the last couple of years and by far she feels that Dr. Harrison is her favorite.

My daughter and I would like to thank Dr. Harrison for everything that he has done and he has been a blessing in our lives.
-Kristin and Haley P.

Reaching a plateau with Chiropractic - Until he found NUCCA Care and Dr. Harrison

I walked into Dr. Harrison's office looking for decompression therapy and was expecting to be adjusted multiple times a week because that is what I had been through with other Chiropractors. After a few NUCCA corrections, I was amazed that I was holding my alignment for days and weeks at a time.


I am a Fibromyalgia sufferer and I have problems with osteoarthritis. I have been suffering for over 26 years. My only relief has been the dozens of narcotics and the anti-depressants that rarely worked. One day a friend referred me to see Dr. Harrison because of the results that she and her family had with him. I called and made my appointment and I was excited, but also apprehensive since I had been to so many doctors and they had offered no solution except for prescribing more and more medications.
After the first week I was feeling a little better, but by week two, I could start to feel the pain easing more and more. I had been dealing with the pain for so long that I thought that I was imaging that the pain was lessening. Finally, I realized that the painful mess of a person that walked into NUCCA was no longer. The results are amazing and I wish anyone who has the pain that I had could come in and get the relief that I have experienced. It is the best part of my day to come into the office and see the smiling face of Dr. Harrison. He is so sincere and calming, and he came along at a time when I didn’t believe that doctors could be caring or sincere. Dr. Harrison actually listens to his patients and I want to thank him for giving me my life back.
-Dorotha B.

NUCCA Changed My Life - NUCCA and Dr. Harrison Kept Me from Surgery

Debbie is a small business owner and her knee pain was really starting to become an interference to her daily routine. After her 1st NUCCA correction, she got up off the table and her knee and hip pain were gone.

Shingles Infection

I had a bad case of shingles that left me with a deeply infected major nerve around my body and severe pain. The medical term for my condition was Post Herpetic Neuralgia. Three medical doctors told me there was nothing they could do to relieve my pain, which was very debilitating. It was extremely painful to wear clothes on my upper body, to use my right arm, to lie down or let my back touch anything. To walk or take a deep breath was painful. The neurologist told me it could take years to recover and some people never recover. At best, she said, a few people recover from it in several months. Since beginning care: I came to see Dr. Harrison as a last resort three months ago and I am pain-free today. My healing was progressive with two appointments per week. Now I come once a week to ensure the permanence of continuing to stay pain-free.
- Angela W.

Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, and Whiplash

After several months of severely limiting neck and upper back pain, lots of visits to neurologists and neurosurgeons, 4 months of PT, trigger point injections, and Botox injections into super tight muscles, I sought out a Chiropractor. Terrified as I was of Chiropractic care, I began searching around for a gentle form of Chiropractic treatment. I got a referral to Dr. Harrison from a massage therapist and I called in for a consultation. During the consultation, I was amazed about how many injuries that I had suffered in the past few years. A racquetball injury and 3 different rear-end car accidents had left with the lingering effects of whiplash. Since beginning care with Dr. Harrison, I haven’t had any tingling in my arms and hands and my neck/upper back pain is greatly reduced. I sleep much better and I’m far more capable of physical activities.
- Sonja J.

20 Year Law Enforcement Officer get his Range of Motion back

Craig is not a typical Police Officer. He sits in his police cruiser wearing his bullet proof vest and gun belt for 8-10 hours a day. When he can into the office he was having a lot of neck pain which reduced his cervical range of motion, which is extremely important in his line of work.

Unable To Walk Without Pain

I was unable to walk even a few steps without having to complain or stop. I was unable to walk up steps without holding on to the railings and had pain shooting down my legs. Since beginning care: I can now walk up and down stairs, go to the mall and do outdoor activities that I could not do before. I have definitely made a 360 degree turn around since my first day.
- Norman S.

Lower Back Pain

I had lower back and sciatica down both legs to my knee. I also had nerve pain down my right arm. Since beginning care: I have experienced 90% improvement with my lower back and sciatic pain. I have had complete, 100%, improvement in my right arm pain.
- Francis W. Jr.

Burning In Lower Back

I had burning, stinging pains ranging from my lower back – sometimes all the way down my leg to my foot. Since beginning care: I noticed a gradual loss of pain to no pain at all as treatments continued.
- Randy M.

Back, Hip, Neck and Leg Pain

I had considerable back, hip, neck and leg pain especially during and after walking long distances. Since beginning care: Significant improvement in all areas mentioned above, with most having been eliminated. My quality of life has improved dramatically.
- R.D.P.

NUCCA has helped with my Mid Back Pain and Stiffness

Brad has been a fantastic patient and had almost immediate results from the NUCCA correction. He can tell when he is out of alignment because of the impact on his mental clarity and concentration. He and his wife love NUCCA so much they brought in their twins to get under NUCCA care also.

Arthritis Pain in My Lower Back

I had lower back pain, sciatica with frequent spasms and arthritis stiffness. Since beginning care: The back spasms are less frequent and not as severe. With yoga stretching and reasonable exercise, I can manage my arthritis and stiffness now as well.
- Jean W.

Low Back Pain

I had head, neck and low back pain. Since beginning care: My neck is no longer stiff and my head is no longer painful, which is a wonderful feeling since I have been to different chiropractors since 1989 without relief. My balance is better. My husband is so glad I have found relief. He was tired of me always complaining about my stiff neck. I have NO MORE PAIN!
- Jackie G.

Back Pain Sciatica

After being thrown from a horse, I had back pain and sciatica. I also had pain and numbness from my shoulder down my left arm, including my elbow and hand. Since beginning care: I have no pain or numbness in my left arm, elbow or hand. My low back pain is nonexistent. I have only periodic discomfort with any tightness or pain in my shoulder.
- James U.

Severe Lower Back Pain

I was having severe lower back and leg pain accompanied by constant neck pain and headaches. Since beginning care: My neck pain, and consequently my headaches are completely gone. The leg and lower back pain are 90% better. I feel so much better.
- Melissa S.

NUCCA Chiropractic helped with my headaches

Adrienne's story of recovery.

Loss of Sleep Because of my Low Back Pain

When I first came to Dr. Harrison: I had mid to lower back pain preventing sleep at night. Since beginning care: The pain has been greatly reduced. Sleep is not interrupted by back pain and my back feels much better.
- Philip H.

Low Back Pain

When I first came to Dr. Harrison: I was suffering from low back pain and unable to use all of my fingers for typing on home row for my job. Since beginning care: I have improved overall. I am able to better use my fingers for typing and do not suffer back pain in my lower back.
- Quiyada W.

Lower Back Pain Would Keep Me Awake

When I first came to Dr. Harrison: I had severe pain in my lower back during sleeping hours for approximately 6-8 months. The pain would awaken me after 2-3 hours after going to sleep. Since beginning care: During the past two months, the nightly severe pain has decreased in discomfort allowing uninterrupted sleep. This has been a welcome but much needed nightly rest. I have experienced 80% relief. This is attributed to keeping every appointment and following the individualized treatment plan.
- Phyllis M.

Back and Leg Pains

When I first came to Dr. Harrison: My lower back and leg pains were constantly present all day and night. I could not bend forward. The pain increased when I was walking. My pain level was between and 8 and 9 out of 10. (With 10 being the worst pain I could ever imagine.) Since beginning care: I only have pain in my lower back but it is gone for weeks. It will come back if I push myself too hard but I have no pain bending forward or walking. I sleep better!!! Now my pain level is a 0-1.
- Phillip F.

NUCCA has helped with my symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Janice was an avid runner and as a fashionista a wearer of really high heeled shoes. An extreme loss of balance due to her MS was severely interfering with both of these activities. Through NUCCA Chiropractic care Janice has regained her health and has been able to return to running and rocking those high heels again!

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