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Is turning or tilting your head impossible right now? Neck pain can rob you of even the simplest abilities, motions you take for granted every day as part of your working, driving, and recreational routines. At the same time, the fear of having to undergo neck surgery may have you hesitating to seek the care you need. But you're in luck, because you can get safe, non-invasive neck pain relief from our chiropractor at The Balanced Atlas, Dr. Harrison.

Neck Pain, Nerve Function and Musculoskeletal Alignment

Neck may be either acute or chronic in nature -- sometimes transitioning from the former into the latter. For example, an untreated auto accident injury such as whiplash may have forced your cervical vertebrae out of position, making it impossible for their joints to articulate them normally. Meanwhile, the resulting misalignment may place your head at an odd angle to your neck, causing or perpetuating muscle strain and stiffness.

You don't have to be in a traumatic accident to develop these kinds of imbalances. Degenerative conditions can promote changes in your cervical alignment. You might even have been born with a head that sits slightly askew on the C1 (atlas) vertebra, or years of poor posture (stooping over your computer monitor at work, etc.) may have allowed these structure to fall out of alignment with each other. Even a slight imbalance can leave you vulnerable to chronic neck muscle tension and pain. To make matters worse, cervical imbalances can cause a pinched nerve in the neck, which in turn causes a variety of other pains and health challenges.

NUCCA for Neck Pain Treatment

When you're seeking neck pain treatment, it only makes sense to start at the top -- specifically, the top of the spine. Our chiropractor specializes in NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) technique. This advanced chiropractic technique focuses on precise adjustments to the top of the spinal column according to X-ray data, exacting measurements, and other objective diagnostic information. These adjustments can relieve neck pain by restoring symmetry to your head position, equalizing stress on the muscles. It can also free a pinched nerve in the neck, ridding you of other painful symptoms. Once you've recovered, we can recommend ergonomic changes and other smart practices to help keep your neck in good shape.

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Don't let neck pain set intolerable limits on your life and health. Call the Balanced Atlas in San Francisco CA at (415) 242-1472 to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor. We have the necessary skills and techniques to adjust your neck pain away!


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