My chronic upper back pain and numbing has decreased significantly and I no longer feel the burning sensations.

- C.M.

Supine Leg Check

The supine leg check is an upper cervical chiropractic examination procedure used to determine the presence of the atlas misalignment (atlas subluxation complex). When the atlas misaligns it causes interference to the communication between our brain and body.

This disturbance in communication causes the muscles in the neck and back contract more than the other. The contracted muscles cause the hips and spine to be pulled in an unbalanced position, drawing one leg “shorter” than the other.


The Anatometer is an instrument designed exclusively for NUCCA doctors. This instrument allows the doctor to evaluate the patient's posture in the standing position.

The Anatometer measures if the patient's hips are tilted or rotated and will show if the patient's neck or upper body is leaning to the right or left. From this the doctor can determine areas of the spine that are under greater stress due to unequal distribution of weight on our joints.

Computerized Nervous System Evaluation

The Balanced Atlas utilizes the Insight Millennium Subluxation Station technology for surface EMG and Thermographic testing.

How Does sEMG Work?

Surface EMG is instrumentation in which electrodes are placed on top of the surface skin to detect electrical activity of muscles. This allows the doctors to see how the nervous system is controlling the scanned surface

How Does Thermography Work?

Our wireless Thermography measures thermal asymmetries in skin temperature on both sides of the spine. These asymmetries are the results of nerve irritation. The nerve irritation is due to the presence of vertebral subluxation. This instrument records about 16 temperature measurements per inch scanned. The software processes the readings to come up with the actual temperature.

Is This Technology Safe?

Surface EMG and Thermography are safe and non-invasive. Surface EMG utilizes electrodes are placed on the surface of the skin, not in the skin. Thermography uses sensors to pick up the heat coming off a person’s neck. No harmful radiation is emitted and both technologies can be used on all people, including children and pregnant females.

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