After over a year of seeing Dr. Harrison my daily back pains are more monthly, my head aches have subsided, and I grew an inch and a half!

- Ferris B.

Ear Infections

80% of all children will visit their pediatrician for an ear infection within the first three years of life. The #1 reason children visit the ER is for ear infections. The #2 reason, repeat ear infections. The standard regimen of care is 2-3 rounds of antibiotics. If this does eliminate the problem a myringotomy (tubes in the ears) is performed. This procedure has about a 50% success rate and comes with the side effect risks of severe infections and permanently damaging the child’s hearing.

The Upper Cervical subluxation complex causes imbalances in the musculature of the upper cervical spine and surrounding tissues, greatly affecting the function and movement of the Eustachian tubes, sinuses, adenoids, etc. Not only does it alter neurological function, it alters the flow of lymph, mucus, and other fluids in and out of the head and ENT-type structures. This fluid is then sits or becomes stagnant for too long in these areas, thus harboring opportunistic pathogens that can then take hold and replicate. This, in turn causes infection, inflammation, and irritation.

The NUCCA spinal correction is designed to remove the interference causing the spastic muscles which are inhibiting proper flow of fluids in the ear. The NUCCA correction is so gentle and safe that it is performed on newborns and infants in our office daily. Chiropractic has a strong track record of being a preferred choice of treatment by many pediatricians over the use of prescription antibiotics.

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